Frog Robots Of Germany


Frida, Léa, Yanis, Florian, Katharina, Kadir

We are team F. R. O. G., successors of the oldest FTC Team in Germany. Unitedly, we try to support new and unexperienced teams from all of Europe. Also, we try to found new teams in Germany, thus making FTC as a hobby for young science-interested people more popular. For that, we go to fairs and give online interviews, ie. the ExploreSience 2023 in Mannheim (Germany) as an exhibitor or the FLL Competition in Esslingen (Germany) where we presented FTC to young students and teachers.

Awards Won:


League Meet Hasselt

Winner of the day

Benelux Championship

Inspire Award Second Place Think Award Second Place Control Award Second Place

Kaiserslautern Championship

Winning Alliance First Pick


Kaiserslautern Championship

Inspire Award Winning Alliance


E-Mail: frogrobotsofgermany@gmx.de

Instagram: @ftc_frogs

YouTube: Frog Robots of Germany

Our robot: